The New Standard in Minimum Educational Requirements

When asked what was the speed of sound, Albert Einstein said:

“I do not carry such information in my mind since it is readily available in books.  The value of a college education is not the cramming of many facts but the training of the mind to think.”

When I first read this quote I have to admit that the figure 760 MPH immediately popped into my head.  My second thought was that learning how to learn should happen before one would go to college, meaning that the core of graduating High School, Jr High School preferably, must give one the ability to know how to think aka, learn how to learn, so principally speaking I agree with Mr. Einstein, only it must happen before once starts College or reaches the age of 18.  Over 400 years ago the educated knew how to learn at the age of 12.

Knowing how to accomplish that has inspired my book coming on in mid-2022 THE 5 R’s – Reading wRiting aRithmetic the aRts, and spoRts Creating Tomorrows Masterminds Today.  The book will leave the educated with the ability on how to think, strategize, reason, compute, and “figure things out even if you know nothing about the subject in question.  Interpolative Reasoning – IR is the technical term I will be coining as the backbone of the effort.

Interpolative Reasoning in short is the art of reasoning, making decisions and acting on them simultaneously all in a fluid motion much like a ping pong player delivers the ball to the opponent and they have to return back and do so, back and forth volleying ball in all sorts of different speeds, trajectories, and rotational energy all in a smooth fluid motion thinking about the next volley as the ball is being struck towards their opponent.  Unlike a game a of chess which allows the opponent some time to react ping pong does not. 

Ping Pong does not have the added dimension of experience and knowledge required to reason thru topics of interest (other than hitting the ball back) making the sport a key component to supporting IR but not the end all.  The application of advanced learning techniques one can amass the process of information processing to produce a solution to a very complex problem simply almost right off the top of the head of such an Interpolative reasoner, aka Mastermind.

Armed with IR, Masterminds are fearless when it comes to problem solving as they have many tools in which to draw against.  Those motivated to developing these kinds of tools are most successful.  The art of Interpolation is my favorite method using the Accuracy Approximations based on Three, Five, and Nine Points placed on a graph.  A curve made out of 3 points is 80% accurate, 5 points 95%, and 9 points 99.99% accurate as the curve is extended out solving complex problems for leaders most times do not require exact answers, rather a range of probability that gives one confidence in the information in order to make a rational decision.