Vocal Coach

For the Beginner Vocalist that is serious about learning how to project a sound with strength and stamina without fear of hurting one’s voice.


Mathematics, Science, Technology, Business, English, Writing, Reading – For the pre-K through PhD, wanting to supercharge their academic fortitude, and learning how to learn for the beginner.

Sports Coach

For the beginner athlete doing all the right things early on is extremely important to maximize one’s opportunity to participate as a professional as they mature.

Business Coach

For the business owner who needs a third-party strategist who can give honest and real insight on where your business is and where it appears to be going and to give some ideas and insights on how to take it in the direction you are looking to go. This can apply to new, growing, or right-sizing organizations from one employee to thousands.

College Placement and Finance Coach

For the College Bound Student, learning what best to study is, where to study it, and how to pay for it is a daunting task. Using the OPM model one can not just pay for college with no debt, they can graduate college with a job before graduation with experience and money in the bank.

Career Coach

Especially for the beginner in High School or College, but also for the individual who wants to go in a different direction. As a Coach will assist to find opportunities to come alongside of and/or join to build the connections, experience, and exposure for an early success.

Lifeline of Success Coach and Mentor

For the student as young as the 4th grade through 25 years of age may want to minimize “wrong or bad decisions” in life that set one back and eliminate or limit their opportunity now and into the future. The example that comes to mind is the Diamond Cutter. One bad cut could destroy the diamond or require them to make the diamond smaller. These bad cuts are like wrong or bad decisions in life. If one works with a Mentor to develop a life plan for success, the individual will maximize their success by keeping their eye on the prize and not get distracted with everything that is out there.

Professional Training Program Development and Implementation Specialist

For the organization that wants a very pragmatic approach to training their employees with an eye to the details of what the employees must know and retain. In every program teaching the individual to see more than what is on the page, though an ever reaching process, will hopefully begin to yield pro-active performance of their employees over time.

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