Reading Writing Arithmetic Sports and The Arts

~ Creating Tomorrows Masterminds Today ~

Education for K-12 in the United States and around the world has turned into a joke being unprepared for a Pandemic created by a weapon of Bio-Warfare. Those leaders in places like The World Health Organization are mere puppets financed by those waging the war where the truth is drowned and ignored, where lies are being held up as truth have now compromised learning for a generation born after 2010 to the present and beyond.

Education for the young has been under attack by the “powers at be” since 1827 when they met and conspired to remove the King James version of The Holy Bible (1623) out of schools as a learning tool that in fact instilled strong reading and writing skills at a very early age. By 1869 they managed to get an Atheist voted in as President at Harvard University. It was then and there the great deterioration to the standard of education began. This body of 1827 masterminds succeeded as the average reading level of a Detroit Public Schools student in 2020 was about the 4th grade level where more than 75% of the student body had less than a 1st grade reading level. Detroit is not the only such city. As a result – me, Michael Relph born in Detroit, raised in Madison Heights, a northern suburb of Detroit (exactly 3 ½ miles) looks to turn the tide GLOBALLY with SUBSTANTIAL ARMOR and a Wickedly Sharp Two-Edged Sword, THE 5R’s.

Armed with very strong personal capabilities in all 5 R’s that the book represents Mr. Relph was taught and mentored by very-very strong personalities with many PhD’s, Inventors, Sports and Arts Professional’s, creators of Federal Agencies, Judges, Police Chiefs, Mayor’s and CEO’s of the top 100 Businesses past and present in the US. They include General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, National Steel, Detroit Edison, Electronic Data Systems, Royal Oak Daily Tribune, Jam Handy Corporation, Reardon Parshall Financial Printing, the founder of the CIA, The FBI, TACOM’s Commanding General, Federal District Judges, Michigan Supreme Court Justices, many Chief of Police, Mayor’s, Superintendent’s of Schools, scores of Public and Private School Athletic Directors, Lawrence Technological University (Henry Ford’s legacy – the Ford Trade School), The Billy Graham Association, Jack VanImpe Association, Christian Broadcast Association, Southern Gospel Artist’s Association, and Pastor’s of several Mega Evangelical Churches like First Baptist Dallas, Woodside Bible – Troy, Brooklyn Tabernacle.

Armed with over 3,000 years of family legacy dating back to the founders of the Great Ancient Greek Society, French Knights and Ambassadors protecting the French Monarchy as documented in the family bible dating back to 800ad, and an English Knight and Blood Brother of the North American Indian Nations documented in a 1954 Leeds Times article where the interview was tape recorded, and a huge family of over 10,000 strong in Western Canada, having all that, understanding how to defend and defeat the enemies threatening our existence as we know it in the US is made simple. Re-Engineer how we “do” education to the point where when one is 18 years old one has the equivalent of a Bachelor of Science Degree mastering Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and having a professional graded skill level in a Sport and the Arts, aka Music and Art. Not to mention be given a mentor and be driven out of love and/or passion to learn how to learn and love each and every day, Glorifying God each and every day by working one’s passion (a talent from a God Given Gift), not just going to work to work. The net result is major structural change in the educational system beyond it’s capability to perform as the structure supporting today’s education will be destroyed under the weight this book will yield.

As of January 2022 I have been asked by 12 West African Country Leaders and many Eastern European Countries to show them how…

Look for the book to be published and on shelves Q4 of 2022. If you are interested in ordering a copy of the first edition let me know by pressing the button here ASK THE LIBRARIAN.