Opening Doors of Opportunity

Opening the Doors of Opportunity have three ways of occurring;

  1. Someone opens them for you.
  2. You are just walking by the doors come flying open
  3. You have the keys to open the door.

Not everyone has someone in their life willing to open the door.

Not everyone has had opportunity for the doors to just pop open, in fact when the doors pop open right in front of them, they don’t believe it can be for them so they miss out.

My approach to opening doors Generally Speaking is to become a KEY MAKER.  A KEY -MAKER is one that has gained enough knowledge and has a good sense of what is or going to happen and can research the details to formulate an approach to capture opportunity.  Once the key is made the door can be open and your approach (plan) can be executed.  Success exposed will create invited opportunity.  Experience seeing ahead will eventually put you in a place where doors will merely swing open and you walk through knowing you have the means to capture that opportunity. 

A way to be a better Key Maker is create a team of like-minded souls who like to work together each take responsibility of a major part of your process.  Just remember these are souls you know well and take trust completely.

Currently one of the doors we are working on is titled Hero’s in the Hood.  We look to partner with 20 business owners in “the hood” in the City of Detroit and create 20 new businesses run out of each location designed for the Kids in the Hood who what an opportunity.  If the Kid (12 – 22 years old) works the business for 2 years they get to own a part of the business.  The sponsor business is the mentor and tie into the Corporate Hero’s in the Hood.  When a Kid of the Hood becomes an owner they become a Jr. Hero and over time a Sr. Hero in the League of Hero’s we look to create.  Some 20,000 jobs created for the Kids of the Hood.  You can check it out by clicking on the following link