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This is the Inaugural News Entry of many to come. As a Technologist, Mathematician, a Master Problem Solver is all supporting by having learned how to think, learn, and communicate what was learned hopefully in a simple enough way that others can understand and hopefully do the same. I has been my observation that those that gain vast knowledge and understanding lack the wisdom to stay humble, rather they believe themselves above others thinking themselves as much more powerful yielding ideas and actions meant to control others in order to gain power over others. I’m just the opposite. I would prefer to draw out the best in people and empower them to use the power of knowledge and understanding for good and perform acts of kindness and good will thus creating great wholesome life experiences that live on in a legacy that can survive the ages. For all these reasons I look to communicate the art of Being Free or the state of having freedom of having many good choices to live in joy in happiness, and to prosper with family and friends you care about.

Here in Michigan and in the US Freedom is being invaded by politicians who seek to control others by forcing them to take a vaccine that is not a traditional vaccine but a DNA modifier meant to control how your body reacts to certain stimulus. A traditional vaccine uses a real strain of a disease to fight against it. My point of view if people looked at diet and lifestyle that supports good health you would not be doing and consuming things that compromise your immune system. Personally, I could of done better over the years from a diet and exercise point of view, however I never touched the vices that are out there knowing it would compromise my health and the kind of lifestyle I wanted for myself in the second 50 years of my life. Freedom means that you have a plan a vision that can be obtained if you keep your focus on your end goal and that you are free to do the good things to help you get there. If you think about it, few people will want to stop you from doing good things. Good things can’t mean you are fulfilling selfish desires at the expense of others stopping them from fulfilling their vision – assuming it is a parallel of your own, good things to add value to the community at large. Freedom is not about amassing great wealth by taking advantage of others. Freedom is not about demandinyou are free to make your own decisions when you have made very bad decisions and do not want to face the consequences of those bad decisions. Let’s take a very controversial topic, abortion. I want to approach it like a professor would grade a math problem on a test that required the grade only go as far as your first error in the problem, where there is no credit given beyond that point, no freedom granted beyond that point.

When women who decides to risk getting pregnant or procreate (does not include rape) and they are in no position to be supported by the father and decide to abort that child, technically it is murder. One has made an error in judgement just by acting on their desire to be with the potential father, end of story. Beyond that there is no Freedom of choice, not in the true sense of the word. People seek to sooth their conscience by creating laws that make it ok. History has proven that forcing a father to help support an unwanted child is not sustainable creating an unfair weight of responsibility on the mother. The solution is challenging, aka giving the choice of risk to the mother and making sure she accounted for it meaning she must be trained pretty early in life to understand life’s accounting principles

As a Mathematician if one wants real Freedom, you must be prepared for the worse-case scenario and live with your decisions, meaning you now own new responsibility with the worse-case of raising a child on your own potentially compromising the vision of life you had prior to this added responsibility. To a Mathematician like myself my question is, “why would anyone want to do that to themselves,” think about it. Unfortunately, education and wisdom for a vast majority of individuals has not caught up to one’s ability to procreate. One has not learned how to think as Albert Einstein put it. One of my goals through my book The 5 R’s I hope to get a vast amount of “young adults” to at least consider if not think about decisions they must make that will radically change the direction of their life at any particular moment. If good decisions are consistently made, the better life can be lived without a lot of drama giving one the ability to live in joy and happiness with a consistent rise to prosperity. Winning the lotto to help cover over bad decisions is very rarely a good option. So set your course and stick with it… with the help of mentors, coaches, and those in “your village.” In that you will have Freedom of Choice to pursue the life spoke of in the US Constitution, that same freedom spoke of in the Bible about living the life within the Christian Faith when lived per its design… to love your neighbor as yourself the only real commandment of the faith.