Comments on Harvard's 80 Year Study on Happiness

Interesting article written about an 80-Year Harvard Study revealing the Secrets to Long-Term Happiness. The end conclusion states that “it all burns down to two things — cultivating strong relationships and fortifying your own mind to brave adversity independently.”

I have a couple of key thoughts with respect to this study and one key observation about Harvard and their ability to look at all things considered. Key Observation: In 1827 there were a group of men in the US that were concerned about the quality of education given to the younger children meaning the better the education they received the harder it would be to control them. They noticed that those who learned from the 1623 Version of the King James Bible that their education quickly rose to a PhD level in reading and writing in that the Bible was written in a Grade 23. Grade 16 is Bachelor Degree Level, 18-20 a Masters Degree Level and above 20 a PhD level. One of the results of that meeting was to put into place a long-term strategy to get that Bible away from the young students so that they could control the quality of education they received. Their ultimate target was a prominent college in the US, and have them lead with the replacement strategy. They knew it would be a long term strategy because of the deep seated Christian background of the leaders in place at that time. They even approached Daniel Webster then writing the American English Dictionary and asked him to cooperate and he refused as he believed God himself empowered and inspired him in such a life’s work. So in 1869 this group saw phase one of their plan come into being as an atheist President of Harvard University was elected to serve.

Choose the right coping mechanisms. Pour your negative energy into working out or writing. Vent to your best friend. Take a chilling cold shower. Go lie in your mother’s embrace and feel your worries vaporize.

Fortify your belief system. Get rid of your limiting beliefs and acquire enabling ones. Visualize your goals. Wield powerful affirmations. Do things that yank you out of your comfort zone.

The problems won’t go away — but they will become leagues easier to deal

Final Words

It all burns down to two things — cultivating strong relationships and fortifying your own mind to brave adversity independently.

Both start with self-love. Start working out. Eat (mostly) clean. Sleep 8+ hours every night. Practice gratitude. Reduce your screentime. Develop good habits. Quit bad ones. Be hygienic. Dress better. Meditate.

Love yourself. Love your friends. Love your family. Love your romantic partner.

The good life will automatically follow.

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